Uncovering Morocco: Materials and Finishes


In September 2019 two design lecturers from Australia (Nina Starkey and Michele Wake) took 32 design students on a journey in the foots steps of a Berbere to uncover the exotic materials and finishes of Morocco.

Located at the intersection of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea - Morocco is a country built on influences from various civilisations and cultures including the Arabians, Jewish, French and Spanish whose contribution has created what we know to be Morocco today.


With the soft sounds of the call to prayer, the students found themselves travelling desert roads like the silk merchants of old to meet those who could show them the magic of Northern Africa through colours, materials, and finishes unique to the country.


With the help of local connections, the students went on a backstreet tour of traditional landmarks including a myriad of medinas and ancient Fes. They immersed themselves in the arts and history of Moroccan craftsmanship, many of which originated from Japan and Persia.


This visually stunning collection documents the cultural fusion of different styles of architecture and interior design, to inspire those who share the same passion or want to learn more about the magic of modern Morocco.



ISBN: 978-1-63649-850-8


Uncovering Morocco eBook